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It's snowing in Texas! Yeehaw!!

For real. When we woke up, there was actually some pretty nasty sleet coming down, but now it's switched to lovely white powdery SNOW! I-10 is closed from San Antonio to Junction (East 30 miles of Roosevelt), and they're expecting that it'll be closed from Junction to Sonora (40 miles West of Roosevelt) by noon. Craziness!

It's hilarious to us that just a couple inches of snow here causes the Interstate to be closed down. But Tim said that Texas literally doesn't own a single snow plow. They have trucks that can lay salt on the roads, but that's it. And people don't know how to drive in these conditions. There are car wrecks all over the place. Sad, but true.

It's nice that we get to experience some white fluffy goodness, since we were just about to start missing it. I don't think we'll be able to build a snowman, but we may be able to have a snowball fight later today. They're expecting 3-4 inches of the stuff in Sonora.

So, most of today will be an inside day. Lots of hot chocolate with marshmallows, reading, and perhaps some XBox action. Booya.
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Last night, George Ann cooked chicken-fried venison for dinner. I was prepared to choke it down, but I was stunned to find that it was actually quite tasty. It seems that Texas venison has a much less gamey taste than Minnesota venison, and it's also more tender. Nummy.

Today, we're putting up the insulation in the greenhouse. We won't be starting any seeds out there until March, since there's still a danger it could freeze, but we'll be able to start seeds in the house in windowboxes. Lettuces, spinach, and peppers are our first priority, since they don't need much heat to produce well.

There are lots of wild pecan trees growing down near the river, as well as persimmon bushes. Wild persimmons are very small - about the size of a cherry tomato - with a very strong berry-like flavor. The deer love them.

The four of us watched the old Charleton Heston movie "Mountain Men" last night. The story was actually pretty good, and the scenery was beautiful. It made me wish I had horses again, though. =)

Good news for Stephen Colbert fans: Merriam-Webster has declared "Truthiness" as 2006's Word of the Year.

Oh, and just for llythefaerye...a userpic. Using dial-up is such a pain, I just haven't gotten around to posting tons of photos yet. For now, there are two posted, but they were taken with my cameraphone, so the quality's not fantastic. Deal with it. =P
Hello all! This is the blog for Rainbow Mountain Ranch, established in 1994. More specifically, this is a blog to document our travels from Minnesota to Texas, and our cooperative effort with George Ann and Tim, the stewards of the land, to make the ranch self-sustaining.


We arrived in Roosevelt on Sunday, December 3rd. The view from the top of our hill is spectacular! Very exciting...

Our new mailing address is:

PO Box 74
Roosevelt, TX

It was 73 degrees here on Wednesday...just lovely. It's much colder today - around 45 - but still balmy compared to Minnesota. =) I'm certainly not looking forward to the Summer weather...

We have lots of big plans for this place, but it will have to be baby steps, one day at a time. Anthony's big project at the moment is laying down a stone path from our home to the driveway. I'm getting started on the greenhouse today.

Yesterday, I found a huge antler from an Axis deer. I'd not heard of this species until just a few days ago, when Tim explained the difference between Axis and whitetails, the species most common to Minnesota. The Axis antlers are very straight, usually with only three points apiece. The one that I found on the ground was easily two feet long from root to tip...a wicked weapon.

We haven't run into any rattlers yet, although we found a baby snake under a rock. He just stuck his tongue out at us, and slid backwards into a hole in the ground. Kinda cute. There are also lots of cottontail bunnies and jackrabbits. The deer are everywhere. Their tracks crisscross the land every which way, and there's "evidence" of them coming within a few feet of our home at night!

The dogs, Kicker and Bright Eyes, are sisters. They're very good at keeping the bobcats and other varmints away. The peafowl take care of most of the insects, and will also attack snakes and lizards! The two peahens are haughty and mean, but the peacock, "Lord P", is pretty laid back and will eat out of George Ann's hand.

More later - must get to work. Have a wonderful day, all!